Always Fresh!

The partnership between Canasta founders, Gilbert Richards and Alfonso Macklis, began in 1990 with a formula, one tortilla press, and a handshake. 20 years later, Canasta delivers over 70,000 uncooked flour tortillas on a weekly basis to grocery stores and restaurants across San DiegoCounty and beyond.

It was Alfonso’s unique recipe that Gilbert noticed while working at a small grocery store in San Diego. After a brief meeting, the two decided to partner up.

“Everyday I’d get up early, hop in our 1964 Volvo station wagon, sell what I could and spend the rest of the day finding new buyers,” an energetic Gilbert recalls, his voice rings with pride when describing the company’s humble beginnings.

Years of hard work paid off and reached a milestone when Canasta Uncooked Tortillas secured shelf space at Von’s supermarkets in the mid-1990s. Canasta now delivers to over 100 local grocers and restaurants, and more recently, to individual customers across the world through the Internet.

Canasta Uncooked Tortillas continues to use the same recipe and pressing procedure that made us a success; we are meticulous in our exactness to provide the most delicious uncooked tortilla money can buy. From the type of tortilla presses used, to the resealable packaging that helps ensure ultimate freshness.

We’ve taken care of the tortilla, the rest is up to you.